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More Useful Ways to Draw BordersMany image editors can be used to draw borders or other shapes. They all have certain qualities that make them better or worse for your purposes. How many borders do you need? Why do you need them? Are you trying to make a table or a chart or just illustrating something else in a picture? Perhaps you want to frame an image? Or possibly you want to organize your photos.We're going to look at about six different ways to create borders and see which one is best suited for your needs.There's a few different ways to draw a vertical border. If you want a clean, neat edge that won't get erased by subsequent edits, then a dashed line might work best.If you want something that looks a little more natural and looks more like the way borders are drawn in real life, a solid line could be your best choice.A dotted line is another option. This is done by placing cross-hairs on the edge of your box and drawing on the opposite side of the box. This has an advantage of being a bit more natural looking. If you need more than one line, you can add more cross-hairs to create more of the dotted lines.If you wanted to create a more wide, geometric shape, the rounded border could be helpful. You don't need a lot of boxes, because it draws on the outer edge of your box and fills it completely. This is an interesting option, because it's different from anything else we've seen.A textured edge is a different option. This is done by selecting a color that represents the edge of your box, creating a texture over that color, and then finally drawing over that texture. This can create a realistic looking border, depending on how you choose to use it.Another possible way to draw a vertical border is using a brush. This is a very useful option, because it can be used to enhance an existing drawing. For example, you can take an image and then draw a new line in it to create a graphic that overlays your image, such as a background pattern.If you need to resize your image border-free, one of the best tools to use is the selection tool. There are two ways to use the selection tool. You can click and drag to select a part of the image, or double click on the area and it will allow you to change the shape of that area. This lets you resize the 08929e5ed8

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